Portrait of Remi Miles

Ex-Northbrook Student Remi Miles featured in the Guardian

Remi Miles, an ex-Northbrook music technology and performance student, is featured in The Guardian’s new music section.

“You could also imagine him, somewhere down the line, producing something as swoonworthy as David McAlmont’s Unworthy, while the shiny electronics have the feel of Felix Da Housecat circa Everybody’s Someone in LA. He’s more quixotic and idiosyncratic than searing and soulful, all topped off – and this might be his best bet – with a lovely, high voice that is the diametric opposite of all those heavy-breathing belchers of so-called passion doing the rounds these days. In his hands – with those tonsils – everything Remi Miles touches turns to pop gold. He’s even got a track called Under Light Symphonies, a title that captures some of his dextrously arranged music’s magical, weightless shimmer. Watch him go – ever so gracefully – in for the kill.”


Here more of his work on Soundcloud:

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