Gamelan Visits Northbrook

Northbrook hosted West Sussex Music’s Javanese Gamelan at the Broadwater campus for 6 weeks. During this time students were able to learn traditional Javanese music and perform them on the large orchestra of gongs, chimes, drums and metallophones. The music tech students spent a day recording the Gamelan which they then created multi-sampled instruments in […]

focusrite rednet interfaces

New Focusrite Rednet System

We have just installed a brand new set of audio interfaces; Focusrite’s RedNet system. It is an upgrade from our old ProTools HD 192 intefaces and brings network audio to Northbrook for the first time. The system allows any control room to connect to any live room via ethernet in a simple control panel app. […]

Poster for 30 30 event

30 Rooms | 30 Producers

30 Rooms 30 Producers is a musical showcase created by graduating students to highlight their diverse and eclectic talents. This is an excellent opportunity to experience first-hand what it means to study contemporary music production and to hear some of the freshest emerging talent in the UK. Graduating students will be on hand to guide […]