MIXMAG UNCOVERS “AN UNLIKELY HOTBED OF ELECTRONIC MUSIC” and “local college Northbrook’s brilliantly forward-thinking music programme.”

We’re loving Mixmag’s article about Worthing as “an unlikely hotbed of electronic music”, and how it mentions “club-pop stars-of-tomorrow Kideko and Ambassadeurs, both products of local college Northbrook’s brilliantly forward-thinking music programme.”  Read the article here… if like many, you reached WH Smith too late to nab a physical edition of Dance Music’s most esteemed monthly read.

Mixmag talked with new student on the Music Production Diploma this September,  highly rated artist Mei, and with an Alumna of our Music Business Foundation Degree, Ruby Taylor of electronic band Yumi and The Weather, who is currently getting regular BBC Radio 6 play on her eponymous new album.

Northbrook MET’s DJs also get mentions: in particular when “the Samurai Nights crew take over, a roof-raising showcase appearance from DJ-production pairings Tengu and Workers.”, all of which are current or recent Northbrook MET students.

Thanks Mixmag for noticing that the seaside town of Worthing, the West End of “Greater Brighton and home to Northbrook MET is buzzing and humming with electronic music activity; we’ll mention you in return.